How To Get A Good Real Estate Investor Website

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Published: 17th June 2015
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It is quite intimidating for most people when they try to get their first real estate investor website. They find the thought of creating a website that meets their needs almost incomprehensible. They also think it will cost a lot of money to get their website created.

The reality is quite different. In fact you can have a fully functional website for your real estate investing business in just a few hours. And you end up with a website that is complete with all the functionality and features necessary to run a successful real estate investing business.

In this article, I will walk you through what to do to get a website for your real estate investing business.

1) Select a good domain name
You must think about the domain name you are going to use. For example, - this is how people will know your website. The gateway to your website is your domain name.
Think of a phone number that people use to reach you - a domain name is similar.

It is therefore important to select a good domain name for your real estate investor website. A good domain name is

i) Easy to remember.

ii) Preferably short - so it is easy to remember. However this might not always be possible.

iii) Related to your business - a good domain name should tell what you do at a glance.

iv) Contains keywords that are relevant to your business - this is important for both SEO and people.

Domains with relevant keywords are ranked higher than those without keywords.
While this might not always be possible, your website is likely to rank better in the search engines if the domain name contains relevant keywords.

v) Contains your geographical region - This gives you an edge with the search engines even though it might not always be possible. If you target a certain geographical area in your real estate investing business, then this can help you target the traffic to your website.

For instance, or seem to target a location. If at all this is possible for your business, it can go a long way in improving your search engine rankings.

Is it necessary to have more than one domain?

This mainly depends on your marketing strategy. Most people only need one domain name for their business.

However, you may find the need to register new domains for targeted marketing. For instance, you can register a new domain that points to a squeeze page.

For example, you might point "" to a page where you target foreclosure leads.

Where do I go to register my domain?

Most people prefer to do a one stop shop where they buy a website along with a domain name and hosting as one package. This is the most convenient option. So before you shop for your website, think of which domain name you are going to use. Sometimes you can also find it convenient to buy everything as a package.

If you are more polished on the internet and are likely to have many domains, a central place like Godaddy is more recommended. Then your domains are all managed from one central location no matter where your websites are located. You can have your websites hosted in different places, but your domains are managed from the same account.

Remember you can host your websites away from your domain registrar. You simply need to point the domains to your hosting accounts by changing "name servers" with the ones provided by your host.

Your real estate investor website vendor will walk you through how to point your domain name to your new website.

2) Buy a good real estate investor website
The digital files you see when you type a domain name to your browser are called a "website".
Most people think they must build their own website. This can get overwhelming even if you are computer savvy.

Whereas some people might prefer to take this route, you can find yourself bogged down with tons of work even for weeks as you create designs, content, forms, etc. You could end up spending a lot of money, and if you place value to the time you spend, this option can get quite costly.

And the website ends up not looking professional. It can take months of intense work and consultations with your web developer and thousands of dollars needed to build your website from scratch.

Do you really own your website?
A lot of real estate investing websites out there cannot run outside their vendor's server, meaning you actually have a "membership" that acts as your website. This means, you must be stuck with them for hosting your website.

If you have such a website, you will usually have to pay a monthly fee. You are likely to lose your website and probably your business if you stop paying this fee.

Unfortunately this means that your website can only exist if your vendor still exists.

If their business goes down, you also go down with them.

Get a website that is truly yours for life
Interactive real estate investor websites, recommended at the end of this article, come loaded with content, designs, autoresponders, forms, and everything you need.

This is a website that you can take away with you and install it on your hosting account and run your business without depending on your website vendor.

Even when your business needs change in future, you can adapt your website to suit your needs in future.

And you receive it ready for business within one hour.

3) Get a good hosting account
A hosting account is the physical location where your digital files are located.

In most cases, once you buy a real estate investor website, they will host it for you. Sometimes it is possible to host the website with your current host.

Only order a hosting account if the vendor for your real estate investor website approves it. Some hosting accounts might have to many server limitations to allow running an interactive real estate investor website.

When all is said and done, your website vendor should host your website, or recommend a good hosting company.

4) Get your website installed
The last step is to have your website running on your hosting account.

You should get your website with installation or with instructions of how to get it installed.

Of course the expectation is that your website should be up and running on the internet when you receive it.

Of course the very reason you get a website is to make it easier to run and be more productive.

5) Configure your website to meet your real estate investing business needs
Once your real estate investor website has been set up, you have to make sure it serves your business needs.

Your website must be able to adapt to suit your real estate investing business model, whether you buy or sell houses, rent them, wholesale houses, commercial real estate investing, or any other business model you adopt.

Interactive real estate investor websites can be adapted within a matter of minutes to suit your exact business model.

They also come with numerous designs that are fully customizable to suit your exact real estate investing business needs.

As a real estate investor who buys and sells houses, it is necessary to have a website that saves you time, money and effort, as you close more deals. Check out what you need in web site for real estate investing that will make you more efficient in your business.

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